Metaverse: The Virtual Immersion (Pt. 1)

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Life as we know it is already changing before our eyes and just maybe, this decade has brought about rapid transformations than have ever been in pastimes, but this is only the beginning of what’s to come — because the future is now and the first set of tickets to this new world is fast selling out.

The Metaverse is the creation of a new world, a free world that isn’t tied to a particular place or person. It is a networking world, a cyberspace for everyone to explore and recreate as many possibilities as they desire. It is a world of possibilities and experiences. Yes, it is now more than just fiction or Virtual Reality, but it is all about the experience.

Imagine a world where distance, time and physical cash would not be a barrier to you having a family reunion on an Island of your choice, or a world where working with your colleagues could be done more seamlessly and remotely without hitches and burn out?

There is so much more to the Metaverse and this is beyond WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a 2D experience. It is an immersion of everything we know in the virtual space taking place in a more real space. The immersion starts with you connecting with others and communicating with them in return. Start building a relationship with those around you. The world is about to get lonely for those without the tickets.



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